The Plot Seems to Have Gone Missing: The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco

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The Bone Witch Rin Chupeco Aimee Always review

The Bone Witch
by Rin Chupeco

book one in The Bone Witch series
published March 7th 2017 by Sourcebooks Fire
young adult | fantasy | paranormal

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The beast raged; it punctured the air with its spite. But the girl was fiercer.
Tea is different from the other witches in her family. Her gift for necromancy makes her a bone witch, who are feared and ostracized in the kingdom. For theirs is a powerful, elemental magic that can reach beyond the boundaries of the living—and of the human.

 Great power comes at a price, forcing Tea to leave her homeland to train under the guidance of an older, wiser bone witch. There, Tea puts all of her energy into becoming an asha, learning to control her elemental magic and those beasts who will submit by no other force. And Tea must be strong—stronger than she even believes possible. Because war is brewing in the eight kingdoms, war that will threaten the sovereignty of her homeland…and threaten the very survival of those she loves.


There wasn’t a lot of plot in this one, but there was some gorgeous world-building and very complex characters–and that crazy, crazy ending will definitely lead to intense action and evil scheming in book two!


Rin Chupeco is the author to go to if you’re looking for very descriptive writing. Usually this would get an A+from me, but this time around, it pretty much just turned my brain into mush–not the good kind of mush, either. It’s the kind of mushy state you’re in when you’re in the middle of a boring lecture or company meeting, and you start to realize that you’re just about ready to fall asleep.

All of the writing didn’t give the plot enough time to shine. There was some brilliant storytelling (with, you know, an actual story) in the first few chapters, but after that, it was all description, and almost no plot. *whimpers disappointedly*

Okay, so, no plot. BUT this book has some intense world-building… that kind of got info-dumpy at some point(Be reminded that I have the attention span of a freaking gold fish.) Or maybe I just can’t handle giant chunks of paragraphs? Those make me want to claw my eyeballs out. So, yes. I did skim and scan those paragraphs. I am ashamed. Let me hide.

And now you’re thinking, This book sounds like crap. Why the 2.5 stars!? PATIENCE, GRASSHOPPER. There were a few good things about this one. The main character, Tea, is a necromancer/witch who can raise the dead. She was very complex from the start, and it was really nice to see her character grow and learn more about magic as the book went on.

Her relationships with the minor characters were very touching, especially with her older brother *coughs* who she raised from the dead. There were also some very solid girl-on-girl friendships formed, which I loved. The only relationship I couldn’t fully grasp was the romance–no spoilers, but let me tell you that it was WEIRD.


If you’re a fan of luscious writing, in-depth world-building, and intense characters, I say go for it! If not, well, this one might not be your cup of tea. BUT! Definitely give Chupeco’s other books, The Girl from the Well and The Suffering, a try if you’re looking for something gorgeously scary!

Have you read this book yet? How about The Girl From the Well? If not, did this review make you want to do so?! Let me know in the comments!

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14 Replies to “The Plot Seems to Have Gone Missing: The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco”

  1. The review basically sums up my thoughts. The writing was sooo descriptive and beautiful, but it also dragged the book a lot. And because of that, not much plot progression happened int he first 50% (and thus, I was bored throughout the book). But I definitely will be picking up the sequel, because I’m excited to learn more about Tea and the world! Wonderful review!

  2. I read The Bone Witch last spring and I absolutely adored it, but I’m also a fan of books like Kushiel’s Dart and Outlander so that’s probably why haha. Bone Witch was like a shorter (obviously young adult) version of one of those 😁

  3. I had a really hard time getting into this one as well. It just moved so slow and felt different from her other books. I didn’t even both reading the second although I heard it was better than this one.

  4. I bought this one not too long ago Aimee and I usually love lyrical writing and in depth world building but I’ve read a few reviews from bloggers who have sadly felt the same as you have. I struggle with fantasy at the best of times and the lack of storyline and significant events is making me push it down my reading list. I’m reading The Belles at the moment and although the writing is very descriptive, it’s so delightfully lovely and captivated me from page one. It’s a great example of how descriptive writing works really well. Sorry you couldn’t have enjoyed this one Aimee but absolutely lovely review! It’s as though you’ve never been on hiatus! <3 <3

  5. Oh man, I do love writing like that but agree it can be too much at times and I’m sad to say this book was a case of that. I have a copy on my shelf I have been wanting to read so perhaps I will still give it a go and see how I feel as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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