3 Instances Where Readers Feel Heart-Eating and Brain-Damaging Guilt

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Reader guilt. I’ve been reading addictively since 2012, and blogging since 2013. Within those many years, I’ve done some questionable very normal things. Buuuuut even though I know these bookish things are normal, I still feel the much dreaded reader guilt every now and then. IT CONSUMES MY SOUL AND FRIES MY BRAIN. It is not a fabulous feeling to have.

To get some of it off my chest, I’m going to share my misery with you guys! Hurrah! I love you guys.

1. When we end up disliking a book from our favorite authors, to whom we have claimed to be #1 fans of.

We call them “favorite” authors for a reason. Probably because they’ve never disappointed our book-loving selves before, and we’re, like, 97% sure we’ll love every single book they churn out. BUT WHAT IF WE DON’T!? THINK ABOUT ALL OF HIS/HER PAST BOOKS RUNNING TOWARDS US WITH PITCHFORKS.

It’s like we’ve broken the Golden Rule of Fandoms. How can we call ourselves their #1 fans now?! The shame will eat us alive.

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Let's talk about how we all feel VERY ASHAMED when we end up disliking a book by a favorite author. 🙁 Click To Tweet

*Okay, okay. In all seriousness, it’s 100% OKAY to dislike (REALLY dislike, even) a book written by your favorite author. Just because something wasn’t your cup of tea, doesn’t mean you’re a horrible fan. It just means that we can’t all like everything. It’s part of being human and not a pretty, rainbow unicorn.

2. When we accidentally bury 0.0000001% of our chocolate chip in the middle of a book’s pages.

Guys, I NEED comfort food. I’m the kind of person who gets up in the middle of a page (I KNOW, I SUCK AT THIS WHOLE READER THING) because I need some Pringles or some Cheetos. I always need to be chewing something!

I do put my book to the side while I munch on crunchy things, but sometimes I leave them open, and these TINY pieces of deliciousness fly to the pages. I NEVER MEAN FOR IT TO HAPPEN, I SWEAR! Please don’t hurt me!

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3. When we accidentally… sit on fold a book.

*coughs* Yes, I’m a very disorganized person and leave my books where I last read them, which is, most of the time, on the couch. And sometimes I don’t look before I sit down. Don’t make me cry.

Horror story: I’ve actually folded a paperback cover once by sitting on it. It did not look pretty, and I… tried to sit on it the other way to make it better. Long story short, there’s an annoying crease right down the middle of Shiver‘s cover. (The only way I could console myself was by telling myself that I didn’t like the book, anyway.) IT WAS YEARS AGO AND I WAS YOUNG, OKAY?

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I felt a lot of shame just writing this post.

Someone hold me.

So what are your thoughts?! Do you read/write reviews for books that have been published a while back? Why/why not? Feel free to recommend some of your favorite older books & ask for recs in the comments below!

45 Replies to “3 Instances Where Readers Feel Heart-Eating and Brain-Damaging Guilt”

  1. Yeah, it’s hard when you love an author and then they write a book that just isn’t for you. It just happened to me recently and yes, I did write an honest review. And said I’d read her next book. It helped that a) she had been trying a new sub genre and b) most readers seemed to agree with me
    Jen Ryland recently posted…Review of Two Girls Down by Louise LunaMy Profile

  2. I just discovered your blog and you’re so cute ahahah!!

    HONESTLY I FEel SO MUCH GUILT WHENEVER I DISLIKE A BOOK BY MY FAVE AUTHOR because if I’m on Twitter or something and I say to the author “ahhh I love you” I FEEL LIKE I’M LYING since I disliked one of their books??? I should stop feeling like that because I know I have a right to have opinions but STILllll

  3. It’s so heartbreaking when your favorite author let’s you down! It’s like you’ve been raving about them this whole time, then they release a not so great title, and you have to break the news that it’s trash. The worst! I’ve never sat on a book before, but I unknowingly messed up some pages. I opened a book I’ve had for years recently, and some of the pages are completely folded all weird, I was so disturbed!

    I love this post btw Aimee!

  4. I FEEL ALL OF THESE!!! The author one especially (I guess the thing to remember is author’s writing changes and develops over time, and all their stories are different. We don’t have to like them all)

    I review old books more than I review new releases haha. I take forever to get to some, because I’m such a mood reader. Plus I like bringing attention to books that people might have missed or forgotten about

  5. Ooooh the author thing is the WORST! I hate that so much, because you DO feel like you’re low key betraying them, even when you obviously are not. I have smooshed some books quite epically- usually in suitcases. I ran one over with a suitcase, it was sad. Others got messed up in transit. I don’t let myself eat near books because obviously I would do that exact thing 😂 Love this post, it is so TRUE!
    Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight recently posted…Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman: Age of Mortality List & Giveaway!!My Profile

  6. My reader guilt is box sets. I always have to throw the box out. Not because it looks pretty but I can’t get the books back in without missing one cover that hasn’t slipped in and then bent back. Especially when it’s been an expensive set and you’ve just ruined them.

    The horror Aimee!

  7. This post made me really smile! We all do things we are ashamed of!

    I actually don’t usually spill food or whatever on my books – I am really careful, but I understand how sad it can be when it happens! It’s similar to the last one you mentioned about accidentally folding or ruining a book. Before, my heart used to break. And I do like to keep my books in pristine condition if I can. But if I can’t, then I don’t really mind anymore. I use my books for too many things other than reading – like props for bookstagram photos so it’s hard for them to be perfectly perfect (unless they are hardcovers, that is).

    Ah, but it breaks my heart EPICALLY when I dislike a book by my favourite author :'( I want to cry inside but it doesn’t negate from the other books you liked by them! I try and remember that. 😉

    My recent post: http://oliviascatastrophe.com/2018/01/6-reasons-you-need-new-cool-socks/
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  8. Oh my goodness, this post is so spot on! And I totally relate to many of these, too. The food one, especially! When that happens, I’m not sure whether to try and pry the page crease open, or just ignore it 🙈
    Great post, Aimee! 😊

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