#BookstagramBoost: 10 Awesome Bookish Instagrams with Under 1k Followers

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What is it? #BookstagramBoost is a monthly meme hosted by Aimee @ Aimee, Always where you can feature 5-10 smaller bookstagrammers (1,000 followers and below, or any number of followers, but you think deserves way more).

*If you want: you can turn #BookstagramBoost into a weekly meme, as part of your weekly/monthly wrap-ups, etc.

How do you participate?

1. FEATURE: Come up with a blog post (or Twitter thread!) featuring 5-10 "smaller" bookstagram accounts that you think deserve more love than they're getting!
2. ENCOURAGE PARTICIPATION: Make sure to include the meme instructions (what the meme is, and how to participate) in your blog post!
3. ADD YOUR LINK: Add your post to the linky on the main post from Aimee, Always for that month! (Linkys will open every second Saturday of the month, and will close when the linky for the next month is up.)

Hello, lovely readers! Today, I'm finally launching my #BookstagramBoost meme, which was inspired by this tweet of mine, which you may be familiar with. Due to a ~huge~ amount of tweet replies, I've decided to turn this into a link-up/meme, so more people can participate, and more bookstagram accounts can be featured!

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If you replied to my Tweet and don't see yourself here, don't worry! It's just because I received SO many replies and can't promote y'all at once. Maybe you'll see yourself here next month!

Without further ado, here's my 10 featured bookstagrammers for February (in a totally random order)!

10 Awesome Bookish Instagrams with Under 1k Followers

1. @thebooknut101

This lovely bookstagram account has timeless photos–some more minimal, and some styled. This feed has a more rustic yet elegant theme that you're all bound to love.

2. @flippingthruthepages

I am a sucker for bright feeds, and Sim's feed is bright, yet still easy on the eyes! There are pops of color in her feed, plus the occasional book + food photo that we all love, because those are the two best things in life, basically.

3. @innocentreads

OMG you guys, I LOOOOVE Val's feed! She has beautiful photography with HD photos, gorgeous styling that's well thought-out, and the CONSISTENCY IS REAL!

4. @musings_wanderings

Hannah's bookstagram is fairly new, but she already has a consistent, bright, and classy theme for her feed. She features more than one book in almost every photo, ensuring that her photos are far from plain! 😀

5. @thriftybibliophile

Ashley's feed is all about flatlays with style. There are so many unique elements and props in her photos to fall in love with! Plus, she features a real-life, non-bookish post every now and then, which is great for getting to know her.

6. @eternaldelicacy

Another bright, feminine feed! Chiara's photos have consistent filters, and they occasionally feature cute pillows, Funko Pops, and cats!

7. @ailareads

Aila has some pretty gorgeous flatlays with pretty colors that totally match the covers of the books she's featuring, with some props here and there to complete the bookish looks!

8. @divabooknerd

Now, if you like consistent bookstagram feeds, let me introduce to you my fabulous blogger friend, Kelly! Her feed uses a uniformed, simple background to highlight the books in her photos, while occasionally adding an extra element like fairy lights or a pretty bookmark!

9. @ofstrangerworlds

More pretty flatlays! What I like about Maegan's feed is that she has some awesome grid-style bookish photos as well. Aaaand her feed uses a consistent filter that I personally love!

10. @insidemylibrarymind

If you like flashy props like fairy lights, flowers, and paper stars, following this account is the way to go!

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ANNNND WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS NEW MEME? Any plans to participate? Did you follow any of the accounts I featured?!

Also, if you want to, you can totally follow me on Instagram as well. I haven't been posting too often because exams are coming soon and we're being bombarded with homework, but I'll try to post consistently after next week!

Add your #BookstagramBoost post to this linky! Remember to check out the other participating blogs and spread some love!

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