3 Reasons Why You Should Write (and Read!) Reviews for Backlist Books


Welcome back, book lovers!

Today I wanted to talk about something I think a lot of readers and bloggers are missing out on: backlist booksBacklist books are older books that are still in print! 

Okay, okay. Confession time: I am VERY guilty of anticipating very shiny and very pretty new releases from our favorite publishers, and do end up mostly buying these newer releases whenever I have a not-so-quick trip to the bookstore. BUT! I do read a lot of backlist book reviews, and I do write a few myself every now and then! Why do I do that, you ask? Ask no more!

 Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Write
(and Read!) Reviews for Backlist Books:

Numero Uno (the most obvious reason, and, no, I’m not Spanish): Backlist books deserve some love and new readers!

Just because a book’s already a decade old doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve some lovin’! What if there’s this super kick-butt 2001 book that no one’s talking about, but you know a bajillion other readers who would love it?! Reviews help these older books get the attention they deserve. HELP THEM GET BACK INTO THE SPOTLIGHT!

In fact, here are a 3 backlist books I personally want to recommend–although they aren’t that old, since I didn’t start reading until 2012 (click on the photos for more info!):

2012 – 2007 – 2010

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Numero Dos: Some readers don’t get immediate access to new releases!

I’m very lucky that Filipinos are huge on YA books, meaning we do get a lot of them in our bookstores at least within the week of release, but sometimes our local bookstores choose not to order/invest in a certain title that I could want which makes me a very sad little Asian. So I turn to backlist books!

Other countries have it way different–there are some that BARELY get new releases, or only get them months after US release and all the hype is already dead. So, again, these people turn to backlist books while waiting!

impatient books reading buy gif

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Numero Tres: Backlist books are sometimes cheaper!

I buy from bookstore sales a lot. I can attest: No one can resist that giant, red/pink/white 50% off sign displayed on shelves, or, sometimes, stickered to the books themselves. Of course, more often than not, backlist books are the ones that get bigger discounts! BUT!! Even then, I would check a review before reading a book that’s 50% off, just to be sure I’m not wasting my beautiful $9.

book buy budget collector gif

So what are your thoughts?! Do you read/write reviews for books that have been published a while back? Why/why not? Feel free to recommend some of your favorite older books & ask for recs in the comments below!

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