Aimee, Always (named after me, of course) is the perfect place to find all sorts of fun (and informative–hopefully!) news and shenanigans related to [young adult] books and blogging, plus a few other topics here and there when I feel like it. It’s both a book blog and a personal blog rolled into one brutally honest corner of the Internet.

What’s in it for you? While this might not be a life-changing blog, I do promise you to bring as much information and excitement as I can with every post! If anything, I want my content to either a) tell a story, b) open readers’ minds to things, or c) tell you something you don’t know yet. It’ll definitely be a fun ride both for you and for me.


The name’s Aimee. I’m a 1999 baby (that makes me 18 years old right now, if you’re too lazy to do the math), 4 feet, 10 inches (waaaay less than what my height should be at this age), and have a passion for sharing my rants and raves with the world.

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I’ve been blogging since 2013 (on wordpress.com, since I was–still am–cheap), and decided to completely rebrand in the end of 2017, after PhotoBucket decided to be an ass and started asking for money in exchange for image hosting. That hot mess got me to finally move to a self-hosted (and, sadly, paid) blog. But, hey, it’s more professional, right? At least, that’s what all the blogs-about-blogging have told me. We’ll see how this all goes.

HalloweenMore personal stuff, you ask? Well, I’m a passionate blogger, an aspiring graphic designer (you can check out some of my work at my general design shop or at my bookish design shop), and a cheerleader at heart (and not in body–I’m stiff as a board). A personal goal that I’ve recently achieved? Well, I finally learned how to split… on one side. Other side? Nope. Center? Nope. Well, I’m getting there, at least! Maybe by the end of this year, I’ll be able to do all three.

THE SHORT VERSION: I’m a short Asian girl who loves to blog about books, blogging, and other personal happenings. If you want to know anything else or if you just want to connect with me *wink*, head over to my contact page or message me on one of my social media accounts! I respond, I promise. Please do have a look around the blog as well–there’s a little something here for everyone. Don’t forget to subscribe if you like what you see! *double wink*