I Love You All and Want to Tackle-Hug You! Here's a Giveaway!

BOOKS, GIVEAWAYS / Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Howdy, dearest readers!

January has been very kind to me both in real life and reading-wise. This month, results for 2 out of 4 college entrance exams I took last year were released, and I passed them both! One of them is my sort-of dream school, although I still don't know if I'm going there because LIFE IS SO CONFUSING. Apart from that, it's one of my best friend's 18th birthday today. Happy birthday, Vch! *winks* Just leaving this out here in case you read this. BRING ON THE CAKE. 

eat cake chocolate gif book giveaway blog

(I am LITERALLY eating a slice of good ol'e chocolate cake as I type this. That baby is me.)

Reading- and blogging-wise, January has been a fantabulous month (almost as fantabulous as I am). I got back into blogging after two years of playing at this bizarre disappearing act, I finally gave a book five stars after… a very long time, and I hit 1k followers on Bloglovin'! *CUE HEART-SHAPED CONFETTI EXPLOSION* BRING OUT MORE CAKE!

eat cake chocolate gif book giveaway blog

And because this month was such a win for me, and it's been basically a bajillion years since my last giveaway, I'm here to show y'all some appreciation and gifs of babies eating cake.


***BTW, giveaway funds are all from sales on my RedBubble store! Purchasing any bookish item from there will help support this blog, and to run future giveaways.

Alright, let's talk giveaway mechanics! Since I originally wanted to do this giveaway on Valentine's day, but couldn't wait any longer to have it up for you guys, I'm going to let it run until Valentine's Day (February 14th, 11:59PM, Philippine time). The winner will receive his/her choice of a YA romance-fantasy (basically any YA fantasy novel with romance as a subplot) worth $15 or less (because, again, I'm a high school student with no income–sorry).

This is open internationally as long as The Book Depository ships to you! Here are a few of my suggestions; of course you can pick anything that's not listed if you win! (Take note, you can choose a backlist book, a new release, or a pre-order):

(Click the photos to check out my reviews for these books!)

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

So thank YOU again for loving and supporting this blog! *HUGS* Is there any book in mind that you'd choose if you win? Or do you have a favorite post of mine (even from my old blogs!), or a memory with me? DO YOU LIKE THE BABY GIFS?! LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS.

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78 Replies to “I Love You All and Want to Tackle-Hug You! Here's a Giveaway!”

    1. Thank you, Evelina! It's been years of sweat and reading that's gotten a great following. <3 And yes, your groups have been amazing to meet new bloggers. <3

  1. Congratulations on 1k followers. That is amazing! I think it is really great that you were able to get back into blogging after being gone for a while. It has to be fun first. I took a break and missed it too much to not come back, so I can totally relate.
    Thanks for the chance to win a fantasy-romance, that's my favorite genre!
    Karen Blue recently posted…Weekly Wrap Up #156 ~ I'm so far behindMy Profile

  2. Congratulations on the college entrance exams, that is so exciting!! College is tough but such a great experience, I miss it more than I probably should. As for what I'd pick oh gosh, I'd maybe go for Magonia, it actually sounds amazing from the synopsis. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck!
    Jamie recently posted…Top Five Most Anticipated 2018 ReadsMy Profile

  3. "Leave any meaningful comment on this post! OR let me know what book you might choose!" I haven't read "The Thousandth Floor"! I guess that would qualify! I would have to think about this very carefully if I won, but I know I very well might choose "The Thousandth Floor"!

  4. That's amazing Aimee, congratulations sweetheart and keeping my fingers crossed. I'm so absolutely stoked to have you back, you've always been one of my favourites and not just because you could fit in my pocket <3
    Kelly recently posted…The Secrets We ShareMy Profile

  5. so, i didn't read that so well, i'm happy for you aimee and it's a wonderful milestone you've gotten to, but i really love your blog, it's so sleek and stylish, ha, it very pleasing to my eyes. anyways thanks for the opportunity.

  6. Heya! Congrats in passing the entrance exams! Wait lemme guess one of 'em, UST? 😁 If I'm wrong, my bad hahaha, anyway, congrats, I have been out of the loop last year and I just got back from blogging again and I'm lovin'it! 💟 More blogging to us! 😁

  7. Aaahh congrats on 1K followers!! I just followed you through email (and not just because of the giveaway haha) because your blog looks like so much fun and you seem like such a sweet & funny person! Oh, and thank you for hosting this giveaway! That's so kind of you. <3 I honestly don't know what book I'd choose?? I'd probably choose a pre-order if I won — would Blanca & Roja count since it's magical realism? 😂 Anyways, thanks again for hosting the giveaway and many many congrats on everything!! <3
    May @ Forever and Everly recently posted…May’s Moments of the Month: January // The New Year is New but Not Better, I Feel Dead, and I Struggle (a Lot)My Profile

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